[bug report] HTML AudioElement tag cannot replay 3 times

Problem description:
I import an audio external media file through the HTML AudioElement tag in a deck and play it in the following way (repeat 3 times during each playback)

  const handler = {
    playAudio: function() {
      const audio = document.getElementById('a-audio') as HTMLAudioElement;
      audio.currentTime = 0;
      audio.playCount = 3;

  onMounted(() => {

      // replay three times
      const audio = document.getElementById('a-audio') as HTMLAudioElement;
      audio.addEventListener('ended', () => {
        if (audio.playCount > 0) {

      // 播放

But it doesn’t work on ankimobile. (This deck can be played normally on both Windows and Android)

Question: How can I find the cause of the problem’s error? So that I can solve it.
I want to see the information on the console,
but I found that the iOS client does not support it. Is there any other way.

I hope to get some help, thank you :blush:

The only officially-supported way to play audio is with [sound:…] tags. I’m afraid when you start using JavaScript, you become responsible for dealing with any issues that come up.


For debugging, you can either inject messages into the DOM, or try something like GitHub - liriliri/eruda: Console for mobile browsers

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