Audio fails to play back on mobile phone browser

Hi all,

I have recently run into some audio playback problem. All audios can only play once when I use AnkiWeb via mobile phone. I have an iPhone 8, and the problem occurs in both Safari and Chrome. Audios work fine in my desktop app and via desktop AnkiWeb.

The first time I hit the play button, it works fine. After the audio has played, the play button returns to the triangle shape, followed by a “live broadcast” message, as shown:

But when I click on the play button again, the screen becomes:

And audio doesn’t play again.

The audio had been working fine until a few weeks ago. It also had a different display before:

Please help me.

Thanks a lot!

The playing code had to be updated because the old code stopped working on iOS 14. I’m afraid it will likely be a while before I have any more time to spend on it.