Bug:Extra day inserted when learning over midnight?

Hello Community,
This issue concerns the ‘statistics’ feature, specifically the ‘calender’ section, that shows how many cards were learned at each day. I am using the german version so if I use the wrong terminology, please let me know.

I was learning my cards late at night and when the midnight passed Anki logged the cards I learned in this session to the ‘new’ day completely. As this happened, Anki inserted a new day, at the beginning of the year and shifted all the learning progress by one day. On the newly inserted day Anki logged 0 learned cards.
Luckily I made a screenshot of the statistics page a few days before. I compared the appearance of the calendar and it seems all the learning progress has been shifted by one day.

This behavior is very unexpected, but I assume there could be an easy fix by altering the database and changing the dates there, however I was not able to find any proper instructions on doing so. Is this a known problem, and if so are there any solutions for it?

Thank you in advance!

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Please locate a backup that shows the behaviour in your first screenshot, then export your collection without media, share the backup and exported version online, and send me a link privately (or publicly if your data is not private)

Hello Damien,

Thank you for your reply. I played around a bit with Anki this morgning before and it seems, after a new batch of cards were due, the learned cards were logged correctly again and the extra day disappeared.

Thank you for replying to me initial request.

Best regards

This sounds similar to another issue that’s been previously reported - I’ve made a note of it.

Strange things happen across the day boundary in Anki. The following Reddit thread gives some examples:

I don’t use Anki late at night, so maybe some of the Reddit info is out of date due to Anki updates.

Sorry for the long delay here. Are you still able to reproduce this at certain times of the day? If so, could you let me know the timezone you’re in, and the deck/time of day that triggers it?