Stats -> new cards added shows wrong count

Yesterday (2020-11-06) I added 6 cards, and they show up correctly on the Browse page as seen below.


However, the Added view under the Stats page appears to show the wrong days for when cards were added. To clarify, those last two columns are for today and yesterday and show 2 and 4 cards being added, respectively. I didn’t add any cards today but I did add 6 cards yesterday.


This has happened before but this is just the most recent example. I’ve got exactly the same issue on the iOS version of Anki so I suspect it’s not platform-dependent.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Please let me know the next time it comes up and the timezone you’re in, and I’ll try to reproduce the problem with your AnkiWeb collection.

I believe this has something to do with timezones, maybe. The issue only appeared after we turned the clocks forward here at the end of October (I’m currently in Central European Time (CET), UTC +1).

Here’s what just happened. I added 6 cards before 11pm, and then added 4 cards after 11pm.

Right now it says that the number of cards added is equal to 10, which is what I expect. But on the Browse page, I can only see the last 4 cards as being added today (added:1) while the rest appear as being added today and yesterday (added:2), even though all 10 show as created on 2020-11-09.



My Stats page now looks like this, with the 10 cards split into 4 today and 6 yesterday (the last two columns).


The main Anki page also seems to have “refreshed” at 11pm, with new cards due and counting the 10 new that I’ve added as ready to be reviewed.


Does this help with the issue? Thank you for your support!

Ok, this is normal with the old scheduler, as the daily cutoff time does not factor in daylight savings. I recommend you change the cutoff time to the middle of the night (eg the default of 4am), as +/- an hour should not make a difference if it’s in the middle of your normal sleeping time.

The daylight savings issue should be addressed in the new timezone code.

I opted to just update the scheduler by following the steps in that link.

Here’s what I did:

  • Both Anki desktop and mobile versions are up to date
  • Studied my deck for today on Anki desktop, so there were no cards in the learning state
  • Synced with AnkiMobile, all fine
  • Changed the scheduler, said yes to the options
  • Uploaded everything to Ankiweb, synced with mobile

Now it says that there are 27 cards to review on Anki desktop and Anki mobile. I assume these are holdovers from the old scheduler, so I think everything is fine.