BUG: Cards are compiled correctly in preview but can't be saved

Hey, so I updated Anki to the new version and now one of my decks doesn’t work anymore, all cards showing following error: Back template has a problem:
Found ‘⁨{{#Notes}}⁩’, but there is no field called ‘⁨Notes⁩’
So I went ahead and try to edit the card template by simply deleting the section with {{#Notes}}. After that the preview shows the card how it should be shown, but I can’t save the template, because Anki is of the opinion that there are still syntax errors, saying I should read the error message in the preview to get more information, but said error message doesn’t exist, since the card is compiled correctly for the preview, so I have no way of knowing how to actually fix the issue. I also can’t put the template in here, because the forum thinks it contains links and I am a new user, so I am not allowed to that.

If anyone who actually works on anki reads this: Please just let the user save templates with errors in them. Its not your problem if the syntax is not 100% correct. The current implementation leads to situations like this, where compiling the card actually works and now I am stuck without a proper error message and no way to fix my deck other than downgrading to a previous version.

If the current preview looks fine and you still get this error message, there is a problem with another card type as well. The error message tells you with which one:



Okay thanks, that fixed the problem. There were some card types from the original creator, which weren’t compiling correctly but didn’t include any cards, but the template still existed. Deleting these fixed the problem.