Bug: As of ⁨2.1.66, Launchbar on Mac no longer works properly with Anki

Specifically, the Paste in Frontmost Application no longer works, or anything that implicitly uses that function. Downgrading to ⁨2.1.65 restores the functionality. This is important because Anki on the Mac does not have access to Services (it would be really great if it could, but I understand that would be implausible for a cross-platform app).

It’s probably due to the upgraded toolkit. You could either switch to the Qt5 version for now, or if you wanted to report the issue to the toolkit authors, please see Report an issue to Qt · Issue #2652 · ankitects/anki · GitHub.

I tried to reproduce this, but couldn’t. Could you give me a walkthrough?

(Instead, I occasionally experience the following problem with 2.1.66, probably for a similar reason: My text expansions snippets are not expanded after typing their shortcut, but the clipboard is copied into the Anki field).

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