New bug in Version ⁨2.1.60 (76d88073)⁩


I use a keyboard short cut tool (atext on MacOS) to help me speed up adding new anki cards. After upgrading to the latest version ⁨2.1.60 (76d88073)⁩ for MacOS (Apple Silicon), I can’t use this aText app anymore, because it would crash the anki app. The aText tool is pretty important for my anki workflow and it used to work in previous versions, so this is a regression. Please let me know if there is a workaround in the short-term and also when this can be fixed. Thanks!!

Any Error logs to share? (paste in pre-formatted text, cmd + E)

Test without add-ons → When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

You could also try both qt5 and qt6 versions to see if it makes a difference.

Looks like the qt5 version is for Intel. I will try it and see if it helps. Any suggestions on how to find the crash logs?

They appear in this format:

  • When the function doesn’t work (e.g browser broke)
  • when you start anki


if you find, paste in prefformated text (cmd + e)

If this is the entire app closing on macOS, clicking on “Report…” will show you the crash logs, and you can paste them here if you wish (just the first ~200 lines will do). They usually indicate the crash is happening somewhere in the GUI toolkit however, so I’m not hopeful they’ll offer any insight. The issue may be related to Our clipboard handling code seems to cause issues · Issue #2349 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

I tried the latest Mac (Apple Silicon) qt5 version and it won’t crash. I noticed that the aText text expander won’t work as expected (the text was not expanded correctly), but Anki won’t crash.

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