Consistent crash on pressing "Esc" on the Add Card GUI on 2.1.52 Apple Silicon

If there is any text in a text field and you press “Esc” then click Yes to “Close and lose current input?” then the app crashes. This does not occur if the text fields are empty. I do not think this is any addon I am using. Below is the error. I must force close Anki in Activity monitor before it allows me to relaunch.

Crash dialogue:
Pastebin is Jx0RxMRj for error code.

Have you confirmed it happens when you start Anki while holding down the shift key to disable add-ons? I have followed these steps on two different M1 Macs, but do not experience any crashes. Do you have any third-party utility software running on your device that may possibly by interfering, eg clipboard managers, window resizing tools, etc?

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Even if you don’t think it’s any of the add-ons, could you still try to reproduce your issue without them? Add-ons can break things in a very surprising way…

Sorry yeah when I said I didn’t think it was any add-ons I meant I had tried it in “safe” mode (holding shift when opening). I’ll try single it out later which app is causing it (I use a lot of Mac utility apps). This doesnt happen in the intel 2.1.52 or 2.1.49 versions though.

I did also try disabling tabs in MacOS as normally I use this setting and I understand it is absent from the current PyQt version but the error still occurred

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