Bug: Anki 23.10 groups bars in sets of 20 million for All Future due graph

Today I turned FSRS on with default settings. I don’t know it if it related, but I checked the stats to see the new graphs and I noticed the Future Due graph groups the bar with 20 million days when selecting “all” option.


My review history is from exactly 4,763 days… perhaps the issue is when there are +100K mature cards?

Could you check the card browser, sort cards by interval, and provide the card info of the card with the longest interval?

I see, you are hinting at +36500 interval? Interestingly, I have about a card above the default cap.

I noticed the interval seen in the column does differ from the interval in the card info (99.1 vs 100.52):

Btw, some background how I got these absourd intervals. These cards are from very easy flashcards from a deck which some cards were known for me but I wanted to keep the cards in my collection for searching purposes. I used a custom deck group setting to boost intervals when rating easy, so the review when the the card was in a multiyear interval lead to a next interval of a century.

If I reschedule all cards above 100 years this issue should disappear. I tried that. The issue is present with a highest interval of 24.8 years (mosty cards I started reviewing in 2013 with high ease).

What’s the smallest and largest due date?

Lowest is 2020-08-18
Largest is 2051-02-13

Are there any suspended cards or cards in learning? Anki should be able to handle 2051, so it seems like some card has a longer due date than that.

I used prop:due filter in the browser. I realized there are 3 cards (from the same note) that appear to be bugged. The interval is just one day and the due says NaN-aN-aN but in the browser view there is 2091-12-21 which is impossible.


Can you restore from a backup before you enabled FSRS in a new profile, move those cards into a separate deck, and share it with us?

Exporting to apkg reset the cards as new. I deleted everything else from this backup. The issue is present with only three these notes in the collection. collection.anki2 - Google Drive

Thanks. This doesn’t look like an FSRS issue, but bad data in your collection. Those cards have a timestamp in seconds, but are marked as day learning cards, which should have a number in days.

And does that explain the 0-19,999,999 group issue?

I see, running check collection doesn’t seem to detect that. Then I will just forget these cards.

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