Browser tag search not returning all results

I’ve been using Anki for several months now, and it’s been fantastic. However, I’m running into a problem now with the browser search. One of my decks (Latin::Phrases) has about 2700 cards, and each card within that deck has one of three tags. But when I open the browser and do a search within that deck for all the cards with one of those tags, it only returns about 100 cards, when there should be many hundreds. For example, if I do the following search, “deck:Latin::Phrases tag:phrases-primary”, it only returns 101 results, but there should be more than 600. I’ve manually checked the tags, and there are many cards within that deck with the tag “phrases-primary” that aren’t showing up when I do the above search. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known glitch? I’d like the move all the cards in this deck with the appropriate tag into their own sub-deck, but doing that without the tag search will be very tedious and time-consuming. Thanks for any help!

What is your Anki version?

Can you try installing the:

  1. Latest version from
  2. If you are felling adventurous, you can try installing the latest beta version from

The Check Database feature inside the latest AnkiMobile, or computer 2.1.26 version, should fix this issue for you.


Yes! Upgrading and running Check Database completely solved the problem! Thank you!

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