Browser search with accents

Hi, I am learning Portuguese, a language that uses accents extensively.

I am aware of the nc: option for searching in native Anki. However I find it a little arduous to remember to type nc: each time.

Therefore I have been using the “ignore accents in browser search” add-on. This add-on used to contain a checkbox to toggle the “ignore” behaviour on and off. For some reason (not known to me) this option was removed some time ago.

The behaviour I would most like is to be able to search ignoring accents by default, as this is my most common use case by far. AND I would like to have the option to NOT ignore accents sometimes, as this can help greatly to limit the search results in some cases.

I don’t know if it is fair to request this here, or whether I need to ask the add-on developer/s. I’d appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks for a great product which I use every day on MacOS and iOS!

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I also think an option to toggle this behavior without having to type nc: is nice to have.

I can’t think of a technical reason why the add-on couldn’t have a toggle switch, so it’s probably fairly easy to add back in?

Kinda related, this add-on has been broken since 2.1.41