Browser extremely laggy for cards that contain fields with copious information

I recently downloaded a premade deck containing many cards that have very extensive information embedded within their fields. As such, trying to scroll through them and navigate to find cards in the browser is an absolute pain since the lag when scrolling is horrible and each click (when clicking on cards in the browser) registers 2-3 seconds after the clicking action. Is there any way to remedy this?

I do not believe my computer is the issue, as I have 16 GB of RAM, and a 2.9 ghz quad core processor. I didn’t have any problems with a similarly extensive deck (AnKing) either. If there is any other information needed I’d be happy to provide it.

There are two things that could be causing this, and one of them is unfortunately the toolkit Anki uses. When the next Anki update enters beta you might want to give it a go, as it should improve the performance of Anki’s side of things, but I suspect the main issue is the slow text rendering of the toolkit.

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(the other option is to use the sort field instead of question/answer, and to pick a field that’s not too long)

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This is a great temporary fix and thank you for the prompt response. Would prefer to see question and answer in the browser without the lag but this works just fine for now!

Maybe you can make it work by customising the browser appearence.

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