Anki is lagging when using the spacebar to edit cards in the browser


This problem only happens when editing in the browser, it doesn’t affect when adding cards.

I wonder if this is related to another problem I’m having; when answering cards, sometimes, the next review time is from the card I previous answered, when I hover edit, the review time comes back to normal.

That sounds like it might be this same issue –


I’m using Windows 10, though…

There have been related reports in Windows as well.

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I see, thanks.
Maybe the problem is multi-platform then?

Does anyone know what the last “good” version is? The problem is so bad the current version should really be rolled back on the web-site, it is basically unusable for editing at the moment.

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I expect a roll-back would only be necessary if this problem were extremely widespread. At this point, it doesn’t seem to be. If you don’t remember what version you updated from, you could try 23.12+ first, and if that’s not better then 23.10+. Make sure to use – File > Switch Profile > Downgrade & Quit – to protect your database.

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