Bug: Anki freezes when using spacebar in card editor


I’ve run into a very annoying problem using Anki on Linux. Here is my current version:
Version ⁨24.04 (429bc9e1)⁩
Python 3.9.18 Qt 6.6.2 PyQt 6.6.1

When I’m in the card browser and want to edit a field of a card, Anki freezes and becomes unresponsive for up to 10 seconds whenever I press space. So putting text on cards via keyboard is very difficult. I’m currently typing the text I want in a google docs browser window and copy it over to Anki as a workaround. When the “space” is copied over using ctrl+v, Anki doesn’t freeze.

This bug only happens when inputting text in card fields. Using the spacebar to write a space in the card browser search bar or using “find and replace” works fine for example.

Is there anything I can do on my end to help figure out why this is happening?

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Please try the beta version of Anki in the beta testing section, and see if the problem still exists.

Hi Damien, thanks for your answer! Thank god I have a programmer husband; he managed to install the latest beta on NixOS after some hickups. If you are interested in the main problems he ran into, I’ll ask him to write it up. But then again, there are probably not that many people using Anki on NixOS lol

Anyway, inputting spaces in the card editor is working properly in the beta! Does that mean that this bug will be gone in the next stable release?

Since the manual states that “Beta versions may sometimes change your collection in a way that is not compatible with older Anki versions” - can I continue using it for now? I’m using the latest AnkiDroid on my phone to do my reviews, and AnkiDesktop for editing cards, adding audio and stuff, so both have to work together.

Hi @Kazue, it seems that I have the same issue, but I am already using the latest beta. According to my experience, the issue appears after using Anki for at least 2-3 hours. Can you confirm whether the issue reappears after you continue using Anki for a long duration?

Since the manual states that “Beta versions may sometimes change your collection in a way that is not compatible with older Anki versions” - can I continue using it for now?

This beta doesn’t contain such a breaking change (though there are some minor bugs). So, you can continue to use the beta without any fear of breaking compatibility.

Ah well, sadly the freezes are happening again. After about 10 minutes of editing cards I noticed a slight delay when typing spaces, these delays got longer and now after 20 minutes it’s freezing again like it was in the release version. When I restart Anki, the freeze issue is fine for a while, but starts to reappear after some time.

edit; just saw your answer, @vaibhav - so yes, the issue reappears for me too. And thanks for your answer concerning the compatibitliy!

It sounds like either Fix spacebar causing stutter when editing cards by abdnh · Pull Request #3150 · ankitects/anki · GitHub did not fix the problem, or there’s another, separate issue. Is your husband able to build Anki from source? It would be useful to know in which commit this problem started. As a first step, does it happen in the 23.12.1 release?

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It looks like the PR was merged after the publication of the latest beta?

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@dae, no pressure but when should we expect the next beta?

You’re right, thanks. In that case, trying the latest main branch would tell us if it’s been fixed.

Hopefully within the next week. Getting a release out only takes about an hour, but I’d like to investigate and hopefully fix a couple of reported issues before that.


Yes, he can build from source, but it might be a few days until he gets around to do it. I’ll let you know!