Anki browse extremely laggy

The anki browse function has recently become extremely laggy even in smaller decks. I have reduced my card number already but both my PC and Macbook take a long time to search cards/click into cards.

Thank you for the reply! I tried all the methods in the link but I realised the lag is specifically with 1 deck. Wonder if that changes things?

Update: The laggy decks are the ones I most recently added cards to.

How do you notice your browse view is laggy when it comes to one deck? When selecting the deck in the sidebar? What exactly is laggy? Switching between notes, previewing the card content? Is this a pre-made deck? What does it contain?

Your recently-added material appears to contain inline images, which should not happen. How did you add the material? Did you type it directly into Anki, paste it from somewhere, or import it? What add-ons do you use?

You should be able to resolve the issue by running this add-on.

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Recently, loading the browse page is slow. However, once it loads, I am able to click into decks that I have not recently updated quite easily and browse them. However, the following processes are slow:

  • Searching for cards
  • Clicking into recently updated decks in the browse page
  • Loading the cards within a recently updated deck
  • Scrolling through the cards in a deck/search function (in recently updated deck)
  • Clicking and viewing each card (in recently updated deck)

The decks are not pre-made and they are all cloze cards with the occasional images.

Thanks for the reply!

The add-on worked! Thank you so much to both of you (apologies for the panic). Hopefully no recurrence!

Just some additional answers to your questions in case anyone else needs help.
The images are either screenshots or images copied from other PDFs, they are placed inline as e.g. a bullet point I’m not sure if that’s what inline means! As for the text, they are either directly typed in or copied and pasted from a PDF document. The add-on I am using is the “extended editor for field for tables searchreplace”.

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I’ll upload a new version of the "extended editor … " addon later today converts inline images to files. I didn’t think of this problem. I hope not too many are affected by this.


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