Bring back warning before deck deletion

Back when I used Version 2.1.40, I would get a warning if I tried to delete a deck:

Now, with version 23.12.1, deletion is immediate and without warning. This is very stressful for me, as I am constantly worried I’ll accidentally delete a deck. Sometimes I need to delete a deck, and I’m terrified I’ll delete the wrong one. I know deletion can be undone, but what if something unexpected happens before I have a chance to correct a mistaken deletion?

Please consider bringing back this old feature!


The rationale is that accidental deletes can be undone, so the confirmation step is an unnecessary extra step. A pop-up is shown when a deck is deleted, but if you fail to notice until later, chances are you can still recover the data from a backup.

Some discussion about the two approaches can be found on usability - Deletion: Confirm or Undo? Which is the better option and why? - User Experience Stack Exchange

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Thank you for your reply. I understand the rationale, but I still find the new system quite stressful––so much so that I wish I could revert to 2.1.40, which I held onto for a long time without updating, but which does not work on my new computer. I have never had to use the backup system before, so I am nervous about it, perhaps irrationally. I will try to learn to live without the warnings.

Here’s one thing that would make it nicer, even if there is no warning before deletion: Currently, once you delete a deck, a little message pops up for a second that says “n cards deleted.” It would be nice if it said, “n cards in deck Deck Name deleted” Whenever I see that “n cards deleted” message, I think, “Oh no! Which deck had that many cards? Did I just accidentally delete the wrong deck?” and then have to go through my entire list to make sure everything I want is still there. I would not have to do this if I were informed of which deck I had just deleted.

Just some ideas to reduce your stressors in other ways –

Instead of your next step being “and then have to go through my entire list to make sure everything I want is still there” – have you considered just Edit > Undo? It doesn’t hurt anything to be sure! :wink: By choosing it from the menu (instead of Ctrl Z), you get to see exactly what you’re stepping back.

Then you can calm your nerves, figure out what you wanted to delete, make an exact count of how many cards it is, and when you delete it again, you can view the “n cards deleted” message as affirmation that you did exactly what you planned! :clap:t4:

Another option that I use – when I want to delete Cards/Notes, I do it in the Browse window, where I can “look them in the eye.” Then if I have an empty deck, it’s a lot easier to delete it confidently, and get a “0 cards deleted” response.

You also might be comforted by taking a look at how great the auto-backup system really is – Backups - Anki Manual – you don’t have to wait until you need it! I’ve only got 2 from today so far, but it’s still early – and I’ve got 7 from yesterday. Take a look (Managing Files - Anki Manual) – it’s your whole collection. You can make a temporary profile and import any of those in to see for yourself. :+1:t4:


Thanks, Danika_Dakika! This is all very good advice.


Sounds reasonable; I’ve logged this on Show deck name in deletion pop-up · Issue #3047 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


Great, thank you!