Recycle bin in the anki dashboard

One of the biggest dangers or problems with Anki is deleting a deck by accident, so I think there should be an option to recycle bin on the panel and recover what was deleted to its original place, just like there is in the Windows recycle bin.


You have backups, you can restore from them.

If you have extensive recent changes to other decks that you don’t want to lose, then you could try a slightly more elaborate procedure:

Maybe you could create a second profile, import the latest backup into it, export the one deck into a CSV file, and then reimport the CSV file into your original profile.

What sprvicn said, but export the deck into an apkg file, not CSV. The deleted.txt file consists of CSV (or TSV — tab-separated values) lines, but it only contains the text, and you can’t just import it if there are multiple note types.

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