Brain Brew: Source Control <-> Anki; Setup with your own notes with 1 command!

Hi all :wave:

I have just released a major update to my Open Source “Anki Flashcards <-> Source Control” project:

Brain Brew :brain:

The update allows a user, with one simple command, to generate a fully working repo using your own flashcards as the base, which can transform them to and from Anki :+1:

It will take all of your notes, note models, media, etc, and generate a Brain Brew recipe that can translate them to/from a CrowdAnki export. That recipe is then editable after that to do more advanced transformations, such as having all your note models share the same css / templates, or having notes of multiple types live in the same csv file.

A cloneable repo (with instructions for how to convert it to use your own cards ) is available here: GitHub - ohare93/brain-brew-starter: Cloneable repo used to get a fresh start with Brain Brew
I believe this is now the easiest way for users to get their cards into source control, that is actually editable (not 10,000 lines of json), with the added upside of also being able to sync in both directions :arrows_counterclockwise:

Always wanted to have your cards backed up (and editable!) in source control? Give it a go :+1:

Brain Brew is a completely Open Source project and will always be free for all to use! I truly believe that must be the case to find the full limits of collaboration and deck management that we all strive for! People can support Brain Brew either by adding to the code itself via a cheeky Pull Request, or by donation to myself via Ko-Fi or Patreon (links in Git repo). I will continue to work on this, my passion project, for the foreseeable future :rocket:

About 2 months ago I finished up fully converting the Ultimate Geography deck over to Brain Brew (with the good help of the other lovely contributors there :pray:) which then led to a mini explosion up to 9 language translations for UG. So if people are looking for a good example of Brain Brew in the wild that’s it! :clap:

Open to questions here, in PM, or on the Git repo.