Blank Screen when Reviewing | Appears with Toggle

I upgraded to 23.12.1 from 2.1.66 yesterday to take advantage of the new scheduler. But when doing reviews, I find that many cards open blank. I attached a screenshot. Curiously, the content of the card appears if I roll my mouse over where the text should be.

I assume this means the card content is intact, but that there is an issue with the display. No matter how long I wait, I can only get the card to appear if I roll my mouse over where the text should be.

I have three add-ons shown in the other screenshot attached.

I am running Anki 23.12.1 on macOS Ventura 13.6.1.

Any advice on troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated.

I changed two things at once and it seems to have fixed the problem (not sure which (or if both) was required). I used the “Check Database Option” and changed the video driver to software.

You did two things at once and you’re not sure which one worked, but if you want to experiment, you could try changing the video driver back temporarily to see if it revives the problem.

If the problem returns, you could also try disabling your add-ons one by one to see if one of them is contributing. You can click on an add-on to select it, then click on the “Toggle Enabled” button (visible in your screenshot) to disable it, then restart Anki.

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The most likely culprit for blank windows is the video driver.

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