Anki opens but cards are blank

I have been using anki desktop for weeks now with no problems, but today cards started showing up and no writing was displayed. I went through several cards to make sure it wasn’t just one glitch. I restarted the app several times, I opened it while holding shift to check if it was an add-on problem (it wasn’t), i restarted my computer, I tried using the other drivers to see if it was just a display issue. I am not sure what else I can do to fix this issue. Thanks!

It sounds like you’ve checked most of the usual suspects (Troubleshooting - Anki Manual), which helps focus our energies! :pray:t4:

Is there a chance an error was introduced in your card template(s), or your styling? Did you switch between light and dark themes recently? Are you using either of the mobile apps or AnkiWeb – and do you see the same thing there?

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I haven’t changed anything with the templates or styling, and it started happening in the middle of a deck I was using, so I don’t think that’s the problem? I could be wrong! I tried using both dark and light themes and neither worked. It looks like the cards work on AnkiWeb (just checked), but I am hoping to use the desktop app still if possible… thanks for your help!

If they work on AnkiWeb, this seems fixable for Desktop!

Do all your cards come from the same note type? I’m wondering if you jumped from a note type that is fine to one that isn’t working?

All are from AnKing! When it started happening, it happened to all of the cards - no words popped up on the cards, but the buttons for difficulty levels were there

Did you update your AnKing recently? I did a bit of Google, and it seems like blank cards are a common-enough issue with AnKing/AnkiHub. Depending on the exact problem, it might be cured by installing a missing add-on or getting rid of empty cards.

Before we try to fix anything in your Anki, take a look at the different AnKing/AnkiHub issues to see which one matches yours, and whether the solutions proposed there (on their own forum, on reddit, etc.) work for you.

It isn’t just a couple of blank cards, though, it’s every single card, which was not a problem until I was halfway through a deck. I tried to look through reddit and anking and ankihub and there is nothing that people have said that fixed the problem

Little update! Anki seems to be working again… idk what changed but I am glad it’s back on board. Thank you for your help! If it happens again I will return for more help…

@Danika_Dakika Hi, you were so helpful before so I was wondering if you had any other tips than before. It was working fine for several days, and now the cards keep popping up completely blank again. I’ve restarted, I’ve checked the software, I can’t find anything wrong… Is it just because I have so many cards?

I don’t think it’s because you have too many cards. :sweat_smile:

I definitely saw AnKing/AnkiHub resources that had suggestions for how to deal with issues like this, but I didn’t track where they were.

Are your cards completely blank? Or do they say “The front of this card is blank …”?

This is what it looks like - just nothing there. And if i move to the next card, the same thing. Once it starts showing nothing, it doesn’t stop. If i restart it like 5 times, it SOMETIMES starts working again

Any of these seem promising?

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I tried downloading one of the add-ons described in the first post you linked - I will check today to see if it works. Some of the posts linked had a similar problem as me, but no solution

Try the solution suggested here:


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