Bidirectional Text Tools

This add-on provides some editor tools that can be useful for people using languages written from right to left (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian). Users of these languages commonly mix texts of their languages with left-to-right languages, such as English and most languages. Such text is called bidirectional text. The result can be sometimes garbled text, as computers are not perfect at guessing the intended arrangement of the different parts of the text. Anki already does a good job by providing an option to set each field’s direction, which is good enough if each field only contains text of the same directionality. This add-on handles the case where scripts of different directionalities are mixed together, by allowing you to set the direction of each line of the field contents or the selected text.

AnkiWeb: BiDi Tools - AnkiWeb
GitHub repo: GitHub - abdnh/anki-bidi-tools: Bidirectional text tools for Anki
Arabic README: anki-bidi-tools/ at master · abdnh/anki-bidi-tools · GitHub