RTL shows numbers at the end of lines

I have copied the title from a stack overflow post
My csv contains fields that frequently start with bidirectional characters, like:
And when importing them to anki they are moved to the end of the line:
How can i fix this? according to the stack overflow post the solution is to add an invisible marker. Should this be done from csv or in anki during / after import?

Is the Reverse text direction option toggled on for your note type (Can be found by clicking Fields on the add screen)?
Also, what’s your Anki version?


hi @abdo, the RTL option for this field is on, as you can see in the second image.
Mi version is 2.1.33

Can you post the hebrew text that you’re trying to import? (in plain text so I can copy it)
I tested with Arabic text that starts with some numbers and it displays correctly.

You refer to this?
;איפה אני?;

I think the text should actually be ;?איפה אני; since this is displayed in LTR order here, but it will display correctly on RTL fields.

I assume the text in your first screenshot is displayed in LTR order too. Right?

Yes, the first screenshot is displayed in LTR, the second in RTL

How can be fixed? I have thousands of sentences like that.

The problem is in the text. I assume you you tried to get them to display in the correct visual order while they are in LTR environment, so they displayed incorrectly when switching to RTL order like in Anki.

I think you have to edit them manually. I suggest editing gradually as you review the cards. Make sure you edit them in a RTL field or a text editor that supports RTL display.
In the second screenshot for example, you just have to put the question mark in its correct order (in the rightmost position).

Actually, I haven’t set up the phrases to look good in LTR. In fact, they come from an XML file.
The case seems the same as stack overflow, which makes me believe it has to do with the fact that at some point the pc gets confused with the first bidirectional character.