Best way of making lots of nearly identical cards?

Hello, I am trying to make a fairly large number of similar cards (they would basically need the same heading and part of the same answer, with a few words on the reverse changing each time). What would you say the best way of doing this is? I’ve tried copy-pasting into each field, but there must be a smarter way of doing this.

Many thanks!

There are two things that sound useful in your situation. Anki uses card templates (like basic, basic with reverse and custom) that can have preset text. For example, my Geography deck has “Place:” or “Capital:” before said thing to tell me what I’m looking at. A custom ‘card type’ with inbuilt text is probably the best way to handle a heading.

For the parts that could potently change, I would use a spreadsheet program and import it into Anki as cards. So, for example, if I wanted to make some repetitive cards like:
1 ? ? ? ? ?
? 2 ? ? ? ?
? ? 3 ? ? ?
? ? ? 4 ? ?
? ? ? ? 5 ?
…And so on
First, I would paste the base (in this case question marks) in one cell and expand (drag from the corner) it to cover all the cells I want. Then I would make the small changes that make each card different. This process will likely change with what you are after. So if the amount of numbers shown increased over time, you would expand the cell each time.


Worth checking out
Frozen Fields - AnkiWeb (2.1.40<)
Ze Frozen Fields - AnkiWeb (2.1.44<)
the feature got implemented in 2.1.45


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Thank you so much for these responses, they were very helpful!

For future readers, I also found another way of doing it if there aren’t too many cards - I ended up creating a new card type and setting the relevant fields to “Remember last input when adding”, which also works if there is very little change.

Thanks again!