Beautify anki and card background

I am currently using beautify anki add on (absolutely loving it), only problem is that I am unable to set a background on the card portion, but only the deck portion (refer to the images). Is there an add on that I can use to add a background in the card prortino which will not clash with beautify anki (like custom made icon)?

Hello! I understand that cards should have the same background image as the entire deck it finds itself in using the Beautify Anki add-on. Could you maybe share a screenshot of your custom background settings panel?

Also could you change the tag of this post from Card Design to Addons? That way it could reach more people with exprience with this particular add-on. One of the posts in the add-ons category is actually a support thread for Beautify Anki and it would be worth taking your issue there too.

The addon is not related to the background of the card. I referred him here so that they would explain to him how to add a background to the card by deck. Actually, it’s a general question “How can I add a background to the card according to the deck?” But it’s not really related to the supplement I’m getting stronger.
I can’t put it in as part of the addon so it doesn’t conflict with a custom card background.
Although, it could be an idea for a separate addon (if there isn’t one yet…)

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