Basic - reversed deck is only showing one side


I imported 228 cards as a Basic and Reversed Deck. It shows 456 cards in the deck, which is correct.

I set the “New card gather order” to “random cards” in my display order settings, but I am still only seeing the Spanish side of my spanish/English cards when I am learning new words. I can’t figure it out … Thanks!

It is possible that random has just given you all Spanish cards so far, but I know it’s not that likely, so some other things to check –

  • Have you made sure that there actually are reversed cards? I understand that there are the right number of cards, but is Card 2 actually reversed (with English on the front)? (Some people publish decks with big errors.)
  • What are your sibling burying settings? Deck Options - Anki Manual
  • Are any of your cards suspended?
  • When you look at a pair of sibling cards in the Browse window, are you seeing 1 card that has a due date and 1 card that has a New # – and they show different things in the “Question” column?

Thanks for your reply:

First, how would I be able to check if card 2 is reversed?

Sibling burying settings are default, as I’m not really sure what those are. They are all turned off. But I do see this in that sections “?” section:

- Card type : Displays cards in order of card type number. If you have sibling burying disabled, this will ensure all front→back cards are seen before any back→front cards. This is useful to have all cards of the same note shown in the same session, but not too close to one another.

No, no cards suspended.

All the cards are new, so there’s no due dates.

My “bigger” question is what are best practices for learning decks with reverse cards - if it’s to keep at it the default settings I’m just curious as to the methodology behind that decision; thanks!

You can “Preview” the cards from the Browse window/note editor. Or you can look at the card templates for Card 1 and 2 (Manage Note Types > Cards …) and see what fields are on the front and back.

Okay. [But there no reason not to know what those settings do, because I just gave you the link to the explanation.]

“Card type” is a New card sort order – for what order the cards are put in after they are gathered. It wouldn’t prevent you from getting Card 2s introduced – unless … Do you have a reasonable daily New card limit? Or do you have it set to way more New cards than you could ever add in a day?

That doesn’t make sense. Your original question was about Card 1s being introduced and never seeing Card 2s. So for every note where that has happened, you should have Card 1 with a due date and Card 2 with a New # – just like in my screenshot.

There isn’t one best methodology when it comes to sibling cards. First, they aren’t always “reverse” cards – they can be lots of things in language-learning, and more still in other subjects. That variety means that there can’t be one set rule. But also – what you’re seeing isn’t necessarily normal, so it’s not part of some logical plan that can be explained. Right now, I’m just trying to figure out why you’re not able to control it.

Post your Deck Options, please – for the deck these cards are actually in, and for any parent deck you click on to study (if they are different).

I’m a beginner (although I’ve been reading/watching a ton), so I appreciate your patience with me on this!

My new card limit is 9999, based on what I saw suggested on a video.
Edit: I’m doing some learning on the new card limit, and one thing I don’t understand is why this number (at 9999)would affect me NOT seeing the “reverse” cards?

All deck options are default except I have FSRS turned on, and I have 9999 for new note and for reviews.

That makes this a much easier answer.

Here’s why –
You told Anki to go gather all of your New cards, and to put them in order by card type. So all of your Card 1s are in line in front of any of your Card 2s – just as described in what you quoted above. Anki is doing what you told it to do, not showing you Card 2s until all of the Card 1s are introduced.

It’s always a good idea to understand what you’re changing and why, and not just put your faith in a person in a video who has no idea what you’re studying or what your goals are. I’ve personally never understood the 9999 New-card limit suggestion. Who would ever have time to handle an infinite number of New cards every day? :person_shrugging:t4: It seems like if you set something like that, there are other settings that you also need to set for your collection to continue functioning.

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I really appreciate your help (and yes, I also asked the similar question on Reddit. I’ll delete that thread):

I’m a complete Anki beginner, so I’m trying to figure it out as I go.

I guess I don’t understand how new cards “work” (I’ve tried looking at YouTube/forums and am still a bit confused).

Let’s say I have 500 cards I import. I want to learn all 500. Why “only” look at 20 per day?

Daily limits

New Cards/Day

The manual does a good job explaining what happens during a study session – including introducing New cards.

When you introduce 20 New cards per day, it doesn’t mean that’s all the cards you’ll see that day [after the 1st day]. You’ll also have all of your Review cards that are due that day.

Of course, you want to learn all 500 eventually, but the question I’d ask back is – how are you going to learn all 500 in the same day? That seems impossible. :sweat_smile:

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