Awesometts play que bug

Hey all, wondering if anyone else is having this problem.
When I review a card which contains an on-the-fly audio tag, there’s always a delay between the card first showing and the audio playing. This leads to, when graduating the card, the audio playing out of sync with the card and not stopping once the next one appears.
Basically what I’m saying is the queue of audios for each card gets stacked and only resets correctly if the audio starts playing and then I graduate the card. If I graduate it before the audio starts playing it queues up and keeps playing even if the next card is already present.
This only happens with on-the-fly tags, not with generated mp3’s or cached files.
This happens regardless of the service used, in fact it happens with all of the services and it doesn’t matter which language I’m learning atm.

Thanks for the help!

I think you opened an issue on this problem, can you also share how long is the audio for your cards usually ?

Yes, that’s me. I have sentences and also single worlds in italian, chinese, japanese and french. It happens with all of them regardless of length.