Automatically replay audio after answering a card

I’d like to get Anki to replay the audio on the card once after I answer a card, before Anki moves on to the next card.

I tried doing this by adding a hook to reviewer_did_answer_card; however, this doesn’t work because Anki immediately moves on the next card and no sound plays (I suspect it’s because the audio player is stopped when the card advancing, so the sound did start playing but was cut off immediately).

Is there a way to block on the audio player so that the sound can finish playing before moving to the next card? Otherwise, is there another way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

Try using the reviewer_will_play_question_sounds hook on the next card, appending to it a sound reference you get after answering the previous card in reviewer_did_answer_card. This will play the sound along with the next card’s sounds.

Not sure if this will actually work.