Automatically created Swap card by a checkbox

Dear Anki Developer,

thanks for wonderful app.
The Idea is to add the checkbox near the save button that automatically save the swap of Front and Back as the new card in Database.

For learning languages and frames it is necessary to learn from your mother language to target ! as you can see in the picture. :grinning: :blush:

I am Software Developer and UX designer and usually donate as cash or give such ideas already add 3 ideas to Google/Chrome freely to make a better world.

Thanks for your attention.
Farbod Aprin

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There’s a note type called “Basic (and reversed card)” that’s made just for this purpose.

You can switch your note type with the dropdown menu that says “Basic” on your screenshot.


The “Basic (optional reversed card)” may be a better fit, as a checkbox does not imply it’s always on.

I would also like such a feature, although as a different field type. Having a whole extra text field to control optional cards feels wasteful.
Currently this is how “selective card generation” is done:

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If by wasteful you mean in terms of storage space, a ‘1’ in an extra field will only take up 2 extra bytes per note.


@kleinerpirat @Chartokai and dae, thanks for your prompt reply.
I tried “Basic (and reversed card)”, I putted three data on front, back and reverse, but it did not generate automatically a new card with reverse form of back and front (Swap). that’s not working on desktop version at least.
I think it make sense to have new card (reverse) with just 2 extra bytes. 1000 reverse card is just 1kb extra space but it will dramatically change the way of learning phrases for many people and saves their time.

Interesting, I more meant it in the way that it gets all the features/options of other fields but is only used as a boolean (true/false) check. It doesn’t distinguish its different purpose visually either, but that’s less of an issue on the simple built in note types. It’s still good to know it doesn’t bloat the file sizes.

If you’re looking on the browse window and only see the fields in the order you put them, that’s okay. The note type “Basic (and reversed card)” will swap them for you:

If you are in card view (the “C” switch in the top left of the image) then you should see both cards. My question and answer columns have one card with each of the sides in them. They are also labelled “Card 1” and “Card 2”.


I tried any option reverse does not work at all you can test your self @Chartokai

  1. make new deck
  2. create a single card - and name the front “Front” and the answer “Back”.
  3. save this card as reverse in the type
  4. create another single card - and name the front “Front” and the answer “Back”.
  5. save this card as optional reverse card (the type)
  6. practice it for two days. It will Never shows the back as question (In front).

Please inform me who has access to Anki GitHub account I will try to help help if they shoe me the section which need to change to achieve this practical goal!


Here is the youTube link for my try: (Sry for the noise of the microphone at the beginning in advance)

The reason is probably that the reverse card is getting buried. It will be shown on the next day.
You can use the desktop client to make sure that the card indeed got created and buried, or even disable burying. In general, Ankiweb is only a reasonable choice if you can’t install software for any reason.

@Rumo tnx for your attempt, I have never saw such buried card ! why so complex it can be so easy as I depicted in above picture ! I waited for 2 weeks steel it shows me just Front as I explained in YouTube video.

Thanks for the video. I can understand how this could be frustrating.

You made 1 “Basic (and reversed card)”, 1 “Basic (optional reversed card)” and 2 cloze cards (one with text, the other blank). Notice how the blue number (indicating new cards to review) started at 6. The 2 extra cards are your reverse cards, but they weren’t shown. To understand why Anki works this way imagine this scenario:

I ask you “what is the capital of Madagascar?”. You have no idea, so I tell you it’s Antananarivo. Then a few seconds later I ask “What country is Antananarivo the capital of?”. You can now answer correctly only because I told you the answer in the last question.

Because Anki is used for long term memory, showing related cards like this could be a problem. When a note type makes more than one card (like the one’s with reverse cards), reviewing one will temporarily hide the others for that day. You can turn off this feature in the other versions of Anki. Ankiweb is only meant to be a “companion” to the other platforms, so it doesn’t have all the settings.