Automatically assign settings to new downloaded deck?

Hello, I have 2 settings on Anki (one that is exactly how AnKing has them, set specifically for that deck, and another for my classes)

When I download a deck from my class shared drive, the setting is automatically the AnKing settings, rather than my settings for my classes. The deck even automatically becomes a subdeck to my larger deck with the class’s name, but for some reason, the AnKing settings are the default settings.

My question is how do I set up anki such that when i download these decks from my class shared drive, they automatically are assigned my personal class settings rather than the anking settings?

You could replace anking preset with your class settings, then rename them and vice versa in your class preset

By default, all newly created decks use the same preset
Deck Options - Anki Manual

To clarify, when importing without scheduling/deck presets included, the imported deck(s) will use the settings in the default deck preset.

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Thank you! I didn’t even consider that the AnKing settings were set as my default! Any way to set a separate settings as the default without having to flip all my settings around if this ends up being an issue again?

Not that I know of

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