Auto Suspend Cards / Conditional Field

Basically what I want to achieve is to make type in answer appear only when it’ the first time I studied the NOTE.
I’ve thought about two possible ways.

  • two cards — automatically suspend card1 after studying once
  • one card — conditional field

Either way, I couldn’t find any related workaround, and it’d be really helpful if this can be achieved by add-on or javascript or other methods.

This is not possible using only the card template syntax, as far as I know.

You can simply ignore the type-in field in subsequent reviews. Admittedly, you may not be sure if the card you’re seeing is new or not, but if typing in the answer is not that important to you or is not the main point of the cards, then don’t bother with filling it when you don’t feel like doing that.


Thanks for the reply, I thought about only using type in answer when I needed, but somehow I find it a little distracting. I think I might need something like auto suspending after studying once.

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