Add suspended cards

Add cards with the possiblity of beeing immediately suspended (Ctrl + J). Just so you can activate them later, when needed

Isn’t that just suspending(which has the same shortcut)?

Sorry, sloppy description. my suggestion is the possibility to add cards to be immediately suspended without the need to manualy do it the browser after adding. like have a box in the “add window” where it says “add as suspended” or what ever

(with the shortcut i was reffering to the suspend function yes I was missing the word for it)

cheers :slight_smile:

I also immediately suspend most of my new cards, but I think the majority of users don’t, so adding this feature could lead to people complaining that their cards don’t show up, because they unknowingly activated that option.

Such niche use cases are best handled with add-ons in my opinion.


gibt es für solche Anfragen vielleicht ein spezielles Forum?