Auto Advance Counter Bug

I’m using Anki’s auto advance, and I have noticed that, sometimes, when there are many images in the back, the counter of the next flashcard starts while the images of the earlier one are still loading. This isn’t a big deal when the time for showing the answer is above 3 seconds, but when it gets to something like 1.5 seconds, then the experience becomes a little clunky. For instance, I often need to wait for the image of the previous flashcard to load, and then when the next flashcard appears, it immediately shows the answer (because the counter had already started).

This is kinda difficult to replicate since I only experience it on one of my decks that makes use of really many images. I’m posting it here just in case some programmer may know what’s going on with the counter.

Btw, I don’t know if this also happens on Ankidroid or not.

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From my experience yes. But I only experience this when my phone is really laggy (usually when battery low/have been using for hours).

There would be a lag in loading the front of the card but timer will be running fine.

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