A strange thing

It seems that I don’t know something, but on my account no sooner had i learned the card for the first time than it is shown again, so the timer in 10 minutes doesn’t work. On my main account there is no such problem. Maybe I haven’t set up something, but that’s it. I’ve added 7 cards, and after first seeing them they are automatically enlightening with orange and shown in less that 10 minutes.

So, I think I haven’t explained the problem in a proper way.
You see, when you usually learn a flashcard for the first time and click on the third button (“Good”), you are expecting it to be shown in 10 minutes; but in this case it shows immediately. Maybe it is due to that I have created a new account, and it doesn’t have any review cards - I would like to know what’s the cause of that.

See here (last paragraph): Studying - Anki Manual

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ehh, they say there must be a setting to change that, but i can’t find it in the preferences

Ah, I’ve found one