Are "review card limit" and "review limit" the same?

In the translation strings there are both “review card limit” and “review limit”.

In the docs there is no explicit definition but there is this paragraph:

If using the v3 scheduler, please keep in mind that the new count is capped by the review count. If your review limit is set to 200, and you have 190 reviews waiting, a maximum of 10 new cards will be introduced. If your review limit has been reached, no new cards will be shown. If you have a backlog of reviews and still want to introduce new cards, you can do so by suspending the reviews, or increasing your review limit. That said, it is recommended you hold off on new cards until you catch up instead, as introducing more new cards when you’re behind will only make the backlog worse.

  1. Are those two the same?
  2. Does “review limit” mean “limit on showing any card regardless whether it’s new card or review card”?

“review card limit” is used in the custom study screen, and means the same thing as the review limit seen in the deck options. In the latest version, whether it affects new cards in v3 depends on if you have the option enabled to do that.

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