Apple Beta Silicone MacOS version stable for use?

I don’t want to take a chance with corrupting my data. Has the beta Apple Silicone version for MacOS been fairly stable? Or should i wait for the release version? Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m not sure how this question relates to Anki. In any cases, I would advice you against switching to the beta unless you know what you are doing. See this article for the details.

@BlackBeans I think avenger is probably asking about the 2.1.50 beta, since it comes with Apple Silicon support.

@avenger The beta is most likely safe to use and won’t corrupt your data. You can try it yourself on a test profile if you want, or just wait for the stable release.


Ah, my bad, I completely missed the point :sweat_smile:

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Yes I was referring to the Anki beta Apple Silicone build.

Do you approximately when the stable release will be? Will it be in the next couple months?
I also have a new mac and want to test the new beta version out. If I download the new version will it be a separate app? How do I prevent it from overwriting the Anki app that I have now?

I’ve been using the Anki Beta for a few weeks on a new M1 MacBook Pro without any issues. One huge caveat: I don’t use any addons. This isn’t b/c of the beta. I don’t use them anymore after Anki added the Set Due Date functionality where I can smooth the number of daily reviews and reposition better.

– Stephen

Thanks for the info! I don’t usually use add-ons either. The only one I have used so far is to reset the ease of all the cards in a particular deck since I decided to press the “hard” button a lot and it lowered the ease too low. But I digress…

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now without any problems. m1 Mac