App wont play cards across multiple devices and all decks

Anki is working fine on my mac, however whenever I try to play cards on any device using AnkiMobile i get this error message and the device endlessly loops reloading.

I’ve tried disabling all addons on my mac, forcing syncs in one direction from mac and deleting and reinstalling apps but no change.

I’m not an expert, but I’m not quite sure why you would disable addons on your Mac. That procedure would help you to debug your Anki/Mac combination, which is not the issue here.

But I don’t think it will rectify any issue with AnkiMobile.

If there are no errors on the Mac, then AFAIK, no errors can be caused on AnkiMobile by addons on the Mac.

My suggested procedure would be as follows:

  • Uninstall AnkiMobile from your mobile device (is it an iPhone?)

  • On Anki desktop, do a couple of cards, Then sync to ensure that you can start from a known baseline later, if necessary. Close Anki to eliminate any possibility of accidentally pressing random buttons.

  • Install Anki on your mobile. (Make sure it’s the official app with the two blue stars. I opened the AppStore just now, and there are several apps whose names begin with “Anki”.)

  • I’ve forgotten what happens with a virgin app, but in my case I see the “Decks” page. If you don’t see that, stop and report back here with what you actually see. Don’t mess around pressing things randomly. That simply screws up the configuration for the troubleshooters here, and you need to start all over again.

  • Press “Synchronize” at lower right of screen.

  • Start reviewing.


Deleting an app on iOS deletes all its data, so reinstalling should be an avenue of last resort.

@irl a fix for this will be in the next release. In the mean time, if you go into the study options (by tapping on the gear/cog), and change the new card order from ‘descending’ to something else, it should make the error go away.

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Thank you so much! Changing from descending order has fixed it