Anyone have add-on ideas?

@Maitreya it is on GitHub, but is not public at the moment. We are planning to make this as cheap as possible and hopefully will have a freemium model so that it is available to all. The reason for needing to charge is because it has a been a massive project (1.5 yrs in the works, over $25k invested and will likely need at least one full time software engineer to manage and update it since anki is always changing).

More details to come, but here is the website and email list for more information as we have it: AnkiHub - Coming soon


A. I would love to add a date above each answer button that will tell when will be the next study of this card.
B. I would also love the option of printing directly to a printer with options such as cards by days or decks of cards.
C. Add option to select font and font size during editing.
D. For Windows tablet option to mark text as in Android.
E. Update to rememorize_btn extension

I’d like a volume slider. hahahaha

Sometimes I have music in the background while doing the cards, and it’s kinda tricky to choose the proper volumes if Anki can’t change its own,

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We have been working very hard to create new add-ons. We’ve already come out with a few public add-ons and have others in the works. Many ideas also had add-ons already existing and we’ve noted that on our sheet.

I wanted to share this publicly so that you can all see where we currently stand: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. (comments are enabled on this link if you have suggestions)

This is all being funded by your generous donations and income brought in through our Mastery Course or Memberships/Patreon. We hope these projects have been useful to you all! Special thank you to @BlueGreenMagick and @FloatingOrange who have been primarily working on these projects

Our exam notifier add-on may be helpful? Not quite the same thing… AnKing Member-Exclusive Add-ons

Hi, I don’t know it should be an addon or implemented directly on anki, but Advanced Conditional Replacement, instead of having a field empty or not, it relies on values like interval, ease, reviews, lapses un such for exemple:

    Sentence to review for enough context

    Target word to review, but still sentence hidden, shows on hover in case more context is needed

Every 1.5 month, I bulk generate content on that field for every cards with an interval above 1.5 month but we could directly have it with that idea with field like:

{{ivl>45 lapses<2 ease=<131}}

What are your thoughts?

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Image Occlusion feature:

Group cards: reveal each cover one by one instead of all together.

Is that possible? :slight_smile:

Yes! We’re working on it right now

Please bring a fully-functional version of Automatic Basic 2 Cloze to the most recent version of Anki!

working on it! basic2cloze/src/basic2cloze at master · RisingOrange/basic2cloze · GitHub

If this is also a topic for reporting public add-ons ideas consider this:

Also, it would be extremely helpful to have an update of
Remove Cloze Button and Hotkey.

I think you might like this: External Note Editor (vim, vscode, atom, ...) - AnkiWeb

Thank you for telling me. I am aware that this add-on exist but opening external editor to move one line up or down doesn’t seem to be faster than copy paste, especially on slow hardware.

By the way, this is so handy solution that it would be great if a pull request could be made directly to Anki, so that we could have it by default in Anki.

Every cool kid I know uses Review Heatmap. But, let’s be honest, it has a lot of room for improvement. Just to mention some ideas:

I’m especially interested in this last one. My streak is only relevant to me if I achieved my minimum goal. Doing 1 card is not enough. This is a bit related to the “Calculate how many new cards to do per day/week” that is already in the Notion page. This is marked there as “Complete”, so can we expect a pleasant surprise, soon?

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I hesitate to tough Heatmap unless @Glutanimate gives me the go ahead to fork it

As for the calculate how many new cards to do add-on, that is being released on our membership today or tomorrow!

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Adding a solution for users to use easily Latex/Mathjax package in every sciences: Physics, maths, chemistry, electronics…
There is so much potential here, and I see shared decks with images that take lots of memory. But there are teachers that are making flashcards for students. And if there is any wall for them (and more over for 15 years old teenagers), this will never be used.

The AnkiScript addin addresses some of the issues that you mention. Ideally there would be the ability to have a server side addin so that new course modules could be added for both desktop and mobile clients when synching.

Can you update this add on?
It’s very usful that I made 4 shortcuts to quick change of 4 note types that I used and That boost adding cards, but I downgrade because of that, thanks for your help.

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About remove clozes:
Use find and replace.




Edit: I put other values in the image, but the result will be the same.

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You can customize note type shortcuts with this addon: Switch Note Type Hotkey