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After typing answer and pressing one of three buttoms, I don’t go to main page. Ankidroid wants I enter answer again. Before wasn’t this way. Please guide me.

Please, provide more details, and clarify if you’re using Ankimobile (iPhone /iPad) or Ankidroid (Android)

I’m using Ankidroid (Android). Before after answering and pressing one of three buttons under page at once I went main page. Today I saw at once I can’t go main page and I have to go main page handly.

Ok, I’ve moved the thread to the ankidroid subforum.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if I am following you correctly. Do you mean that after pressing one of the aswer buttons you get another question instead of returning to the deck screen? In that case, that’s normal, the program will keep showing cards until you finish all the due cards for that deck.


No, I stay with the same question.

Sorry, without further details is really difficult to try to figure out what your problem might be. Please, take a look here:

Are you up to date?
Can you be more precise about the exact steps your’e following, your expected results and your actual results?
Can you share your deck options?
Does the problem happen with all your decks?
Have you tried with Anki desktop or ankiweb? Can you replicate the problem there?

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Yes, I’m up date and this problem is for all of decks and about ankiweb or anki desktop I don’t have computer. Now I noticed that if I answer to a question for first time in down page there is three options: “Again”, “Good” and “Easy”. If I press “Again” or “Good”, I stay in the same page but if I press “Easy” at once I go page of decks. I think before I didn’t have this problem.