Anking note types not working

I have version 2.1.64 of Anki.
I’m trying to use the "“Anking note types” add-on.
The moment I try to select the button “Update notetypes” does not let me do anything, it appears blocked.
Does this add-on not work in this version of Anki?

Normal behavior, your note types are up-to-date

if you made changes, then click on save

No, it does not make any modifications after saving. The format does not change.
I recorded it to make it clearer

The AnKing folks (who are a separate organization, by the way) recommend 2.1.64 or 23.12 on their website.

Do you by any chance have any other add-ons that might be clashing somehow?

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This add-on allows easy customization of the AnKing Note Types
AnKing Note Types (Easy Customization)

You aren’t using Anking note type, from the same screen, go to Anking then import the note type

Written instructions: GitHub - AnKing-VIP/AnKing-Note-Types


Got it!!
Thank you so much!!