(AnKing) Cloze one-by-one auto-answering cards

This is a new issue I’ve been having where cards that have the “one-by-one” format are being auto-answered. Once a card shows up it automatically toggles to the back and shows me the hints or crowns but I don’t want this to show-up. Previously the back of the card with the green hints wouldn’t show up unless I pressed spacebar but now even without hitting spacebar it’s showing me the back of the cards. Is there a setting I need to change so that this will go back to the default behavior?

Do you have this option enabled in one by one?

its from https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/952691989


I did not have it enabled but now I do and for now it seems to have solved the issue. Will post a reply if I encounter the problem again. Thank you!

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