Ankimobile croping photo taken directly

We want to crop the image directly in app just like on android …

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In Preferences>Editing, then is a Crop Camera Photos option. It uses iOS’s built-in cropping functionality, which is rather limited I’m afraid.

change the image cropping from a square to a custom shape. Being able to change the form of the image to for example a rectangle would make it very easier …. Make these changes I just bought a iPhone and I’m feeling like I made the worst choice why is Anki mobile soo bad considered to android and I paid ₹2500… man it’s not worth it…… pls release new updates….

You want to add an image stored on your iPhone to an Anki note, cropping the image to a square in the process?

If yes, I wouldn’t do this every time when adding an image, but act on all images in question using the powerful Shortcuts app that ships with iOS. There is a cropping action available.

BTW, I think you bought robust hardware with a sophisticated software ecosystem, including Anki.

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I’m afraid as mentioned above, the current cropping implementation only supports squares. The cropping functionality may get rewritten in the future, but I’m afraid that’s probably not going to happen in the near future, due to other competing priorities. A workaround you can use for now is to do the cropping in another app and then paste the result into Anki - either via Shortcuts as @ferophila, or by using iOS’s built-in screenshot feature, which allows you to crop the image, then copy it to the clipboard.

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