Landscape mode on iPad?

I am a new convert to Anki and was prepared to purchase the iOS app; however the iPad screenshots on the App Store are in portrait mode only. Does the app also adapt to work in landscape mode? (And by “work” I mean adapt to use the entire horizontal space of the screen, versus e.g. being limited to a phone-like vertical rectangle in the middle of the screen). Portrait mode won’t work with my keyboard.

Thank you in advance for any clarifications,

I have never used Anki on iOS so I can’t answer your question, but this might still be of interest for you. Even though you can do a lot on AnkiMobile (Anki on iOS), I think it’s always more practical to create and modify content on a computer, via Anki Desktop; once you have done that, AnkiMobile kicks in and allows you to review your collection anywhere you go. Except if you use type-in cards, you don’t need the keyboard to review, so AnkiMobile might be useful to you even if it can’t turn in landscape mode.

That being said, even if you don’t have a computer (or don’t want / can’t to use it for creating content), and you can’t modify your collection through AnkiMobile, you can always edit it through AnkiWeb, which you can access through your browser, so that will definitively support landscape view.

Finally, I know AnkiDroid (the equivalent of AnkiMobile for Android) supports landscape, so it’s likely that AnkiMobile supports it too; however, the two applications are actually very different, they are not even developed by the same people, so it might not…

AnkiMobile expands to the full screen width in landscape mode.

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Thank you both for the very helpful replies – much appreciated!