AnkiDroid shows question and answer in question field

I have imported a deck of flashcards via csv UTF-8 on the desktop version. Which all went fine, it shows the questions and answers without problems. However, when I synchronize these decks on AnkiDroid, the question and answer both show in the question field. But the answer also shows in the answer field. What is going wrong here?

Will you also post your card templates, front and back, as they appear on AnkiDroid?

What version of AnkiDroid and AnkiDesktop are you using?

Ankidroid Version is 2.16.5. Ankidesktop Windows version 23.12.1

Somehow the edit function shows the question in the question field and the answer in the answer field. But when I look at card browser and select question, both question and answer are in the same field. But when I select sort field, the question is only visible.

To figure this out, you need to look at the templates though. At the bottom of the “Edit Note” screen, click “Cards.” Getting Started - Anki Manual

Is it because I used the HyperTTS addon on the desktop version?

But why are you putting that {{tts stuff in the front template? Shouldn’t the front template have only the question, whereas text and audio for the answer should be in the back template?

It’s a text-to-speech addon in the desktop version. I use it to listen to the questions and read them at the same time for extra comprehension.

But why do you have “Achterkant” in the front template?

Ignoring that you’ve having the answer read on the question side, the other issue is that the stable release of AnkiDroid doesn’t support {{tts}} tags yet, so you’re seeing the text instead. I think they’ve added support in the alpha builds.

Yes, it was the TTS tags that created the problems. I have deleted the HyperTTS addon and I have copied the CSS code and from the back field and used it for the Front field.

<hr id=answer> to <hr id=question> and I changed {{Achterkant}} (dutch for back) to {{Voorkant}}.

And now everything works and there is no more problem! Thanks everyone for your help!

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