AnkiDroid "reschedule card" pop-up doesn't show current interval anymore

AnkiDroid 2.18.0 made changes to the “reschedule card” pop-up. In previous versions of AnkiDroid this pop-up showed the current interval of the card in days. The new pop-up does not show this anymore.

I have a shortcut bound to “reschedule card” and I frequently use it to check what the interval of a card is. I regularly reschedule cards to a different interval after checking what the current interval is. After this latest update I can’t do this anymore because the pop-up doesn’t show the current interval anymore.

Could the current interval be added back to the reschedule card pop-up?

I can’t find a screenshot of what the pop-up used to look like, but believe me, it showed the current interval. It is a real inconvenience for me that it doesn’t show the current interval anymore.

The screenshot below is of the new pop-up:

“Reschedule” has been replaced with “Set Due Date” to bring it into line with the functionality of Anki Desktop. I’m sure the devs don’t need a screenshot to see what it used to look like, but perhaps you can give a little more explanation of your use case? If you explain exactly what you were doing with the old functionality and why you needed it – someone may be able to help you figure out if there is something that will work for you now.

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My use case:

I have “reschedule card” bound to a tap gesture on the screen. If I review a card that I remember, but that I’d like to see again soon anyway, I use “reschedule card” to manually fill in an interval. I open the “reschedule card” pop-up, look at what the current interval is, and then decide how to reschedule it.

So for example, if a card has an interval of 400 days, I set it to 50 days instead (because if I click “good” I won’t see that card again for two years, but if I click “again” I’ll see that card constantly for the next two weeks). If the current interval is already low, then I can just close the pop-up and click “good” instead.

Currently after this update the current interval doesn’t show in the pop-up anymore, which means my whole workflow described above doesn’t work anymore because I can’t decide how to reschedule the card if I can’t see the current interval. Of course I can still check the current interval in the “card info” pop-up, but that is a hassle compared to how it used to work before.

I have a similar use case: often I reschedule cards based on current interval; if for example I remembered it well enough, but not exactly, maybe I reschedule it at half the current interval instead of hitting “Again”.

In your use case with the default settings, you might want to refer to “Hard” interval shown in the answer button. It is about 1.2 times the “Current interval”.


I implemented the dialog to match Anki Desktop. I feel this would be useful to add back in, so I’ve added the following issue:

In the meantime, feel free to use a Parallel install of 2.17:

FAQ · ankidroid/Anki-Android Wiki · GitHub


Perfect, thank you :slight_smile:

For now I’ve downgraded to v2.17.6 so I can keep using my old workflow.

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