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Yes, the “old” storage location that AnkiDroid has always used is –
The “new” storage location that Google policies now require AnkiDroid to use is – /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.ichi2.anki/files/AnkiDroid

The “storage migration” process – which usually is triggered automatically when you upgrade to a version that requires the “new” location – is moving all of Anki’s data (database, media, backups, etc.) from the old location to the new location. Since you missed out on the automatic migration, you needed to do it manually, and point AnkiDroid at the “new” location.


Yes thats right! Thats what i had to do but there were problems with copy paste the data into this folder it wouldnt just let me do it so i had to delete the Android AnkiDroid folder because that was the only thing i was able to do with this folder. After that everything went back to how it used to be and to how i explained in my last message (sorry i had to change a bit afterwards)
After i checked the Android AnkiDroid folder today somehow the folder had restored itself again but now its containing all the data that wasnt there before… i dont understand it myself but it somehow worked and it was a very long process.

It sounds like automatic storage migration did trigger (eventually), and AnkiDroid migrated the files to the new location.

The reason you couldn’t copy your data into the “Android AnkiDroid” folder yourself from outside is exactly what Google was trying to accomplish – preventing apps from accessing the data of any other apps.

Yes i actually knew that, thats why i deleted the folder in the end (idk the next step would have been to root my phone or something). Anyway im happy it worked out and im very thankful for the support i got on this page.

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