Ankidroid alpha

I’m using ankidroid in my tab and phone & anki desktop in my lap. I am planning to give try with ankidroid alpha. As I have 2 devices for back up do I need any additional back up if i want to try ankidroid alpha in one of my android device?


If you sync before updating, you are all set. We don’t expect data corruption, and in the worst worst case, you can just do a full upload from computer.

We fear that there may be a small number of people who lose entirely access to their data after the update. In which case they’ll need to do a full sync to download it again. We spent the last year trying very hard to ensure it won’t occur. But if you sync, really, the worst thing we expect is that you need to do a full sync.

By the way, if any mod see a question regarding AnkiDroid alpha, I would love if you could ping me (maybe @david and @MikeHardy if they want). I prefer to get too much notification than not enough, we can’t get enough data from alpha tester, and in case of issues, to know them as soon as possible.


Updated 2.16alpha98 (Ankidroid)
So far so good. Didn’t face any issues.
Loved the new look. Will be updating incase of any issues.

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