Anki won't start up at all

I’ve installed multiple different versions of Anki, and deleted after uninstall. I’ve tried all the tricks mentioned in the help logs, including run as administrator. But nothing i do works.
When i tried running from the commands window, nothing happens. Is there anything else i can do?

If you run set QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 and try again, what is printed?

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This is what i get if i did that right

Same here. Anki does not start at all.

Since I am not an IT expert, I am not in the position to do the above mentioned steps.

Can someone help please? Why doesn’t Anki start all of a sudden? It worked a few days ago.

Please type ‘set’ in that screen and paste the output, redacting anything you consider private like your name. What does it show?

Unfortunately I don’t see anything there that would obviously conflict with Qt. I think the next step here would be to see if you can reproduce the issue outside of Anki and with just Qt. If you can, you could then report it directly to the Qt people who might have a better idea of how it can be debugged further.

Please try the markdown editor example app, which uses webengine.

So I finally figured out the problem, sorta, and I’m going to leave it here in as a possible solution for others.
I tried everything mentioned above and could t figure what was wrong, which was frustrating. But the other day when I took my laptop with me to a coffee shop, i clicked on it by accident and it worked for the first time ever. But it never would work at home. Until it did.
At home, I would have my laptop connected to an external monitors, and when it was connected, Anki would never load,
But when disconnected, it would load and work just fine.
So maybe others might find this helpful or not

I’m not able to reproduce this on a Windows laptop with an external display here, so unfortunately there’s probably something specific to your hardware or system.

I 100% believe you’re correct on that.
I think i was overloading my graphics card which was causing the issues. so to give you a better idea, i was using a USB 3.0 to Dual HDMI Adapter to connect a older laptop to 2 external monitors.
If i connect one monitor directly to my laptop, Anki works fine.
If i connect one monitor through the adaptor, Anki will not load.
And if i have one monitor directly to my laptop and the other through the adapter, Anki works fine. So i think in my case, it is a system setup issue.
I’m just happy i can use Anki Desktop now

And just give a better picture, the adapter i have is a J5 USB 3.0 to Dual HDMI Adapter i picked up at best buy.

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