Anki wont open on Xorg linux

It used to open just fine like a month ago but now the only way i can open it is using wayland. I tried both flatpak and .deb but got the same outcome. when i remove configs, it starts the first time but after it is closed it wont start again. sorry I’m new to linux so I might’ve missed something obvious but I would appreciate any and all help

If Anki fails to start, please run it from a terminal with anki .

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I prefer using the flatpak because it’s just easier to manage and I’ve already got everything on there. Is there a way to fix the flatpak for xorg?

As far as I know, the Flatpak version is provided by volunteers.

If there’s no startup issues with the latest official Linux build from, but the Flatpak version doesn’t work for you, the best option, I guess, is to submit a new issue at

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