Anki Web Login failing (from 1 device, others work)

Hello everyone

I cannot log into ankiweb on one of my laptops as it returns an error ‘unexpected response from server’.

On my other devices I can log in just fine. I tried different browsers, clearing cache, incognito mode etc. Not sure why this is happening.

Thanks in advance

Are you talking about logging into AnkiWeb directly, or logging in through Anki Desktop to sync?

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I am talking about Anki Web. I need to use this specific laptop most of the time so I was hoping to somehow have it resolved. It is very strange as every other device has not had an issue logging in.

Since you’ve already tried other browsers, clearing the cache (and I assume cookies too?), and incognito …

Next I would look at your internet connection – both within that computer and on the network connection hardware you’re using – antivirus, firewall, VPN, proxy – anything that could be blocking the easy flow of traffic.

It might be the case, the laptop I am using is a work laptop through their network so maybe I will give up. Thanks for your help.

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