Anki time synchronization

When I double-click on the Anki icon or close Anki, an error message pops up. I tried searching for the error on Google, but couldn’t find anything that worked. The error message reads, “Your Anki client does not support the new timezone handling yet. Please ensure your Anki is up to date.” I followed the steps to update Anki, but the terminal says it does not recognize some of the commands. What should I do?

Could you provide some details? What is your OS? What did you try exactly, and what did you get? Without that, it’s actually quite hard to help you, because if you are on Linux, there are several ways Anki could be installed on your computer, and thus there are several ways to update it.

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Your Linux version is a few years old. If you update it, the message will go away: Linux Distro Packages - Anki Manual

If you are unable to update it, the legacy timezone handling can be enabled in AnkiMobile via the Preferences>Review>Scheduling screen.

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